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Registration for the new Fall Academic Trimester as well as Personal Enrichment classes begins August 14th!

Fall Academic classes begin August 21, 2017 ---- Don't miss out on your opportunity to earn your High School Diploma, earn your HiSET, or prepare for College with out College Transitions classes.

To set up an appointment, please call: 764-4776

Check out all of the AMAZING new Personal Enrichment classes we are offering this semester!


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Upcoming Events:

Register NOW for our new Academic Trimester & Personal Enrichment Semester!

Check out our course listings for all the amazing opportunities we offer...over a dozen new classes and workshops have been added!!!

  High School Completion

Students seeking to complete their high school credentials must set up an appointment at the Adult Education office to register for classes.  We will help you design a program to complete graduation requirements. Diploma classes are available during the daytime and evening.  Credits from other schools or sources will be reviewed for acceptance.  Credit may be awarded for military experience, job training, homemaking, and volunteer experience.  Upon graduation you will receive a Presque Isle High School diploma.

College Transitions Program

College Transitions is a comprehensive program of study leading to enrollment and success in a post-secondary institution.  The program includes career planning, case management and data collection; instruction in college preparation coursework; and the development of a peer cohort and/or coaching system.  Adults who are studying to earn high school diplomas receive help in transitioning to college, and adults who have high school diplomas receive preparatory support for college.  Counseling, mentoring and support services are provided to enable these adults to successfully transition to college and earn degrees.

College Transition --- SMART Start Flez w/ NMCC

We have partnered with NMCC to offer SMART Start Flex!  If you plan to enroll at NMCC but need assistance in Math and/or English to boost your ACCUPLACER scores this is the program for you!  We offer Both English and Math/Algebra as well as NMCC's 1-credit College Success (COL 103) to help prepre you for college.  We will also provide you with a tablet and a LiveScribe pen and teach you how to use it!  You will be considered a NMCC student, complete with ID card.  You will be issued a NMCC email address and have full access to the student portal...don't worry, we will show you how yo access everything!  We will waive the NMCC application fee for and help you file your FAFSA.  When you successfully complete the program and tranfer to the NMCC campus we let you keep the technology!!!  If this is all available at NO COST TO YOU!!!!!!  Don't miss this amazing opportunity to get a jump-start to success on your college education.  Call TODAY to set up an appointment! 764-4776


ETS® High School Equivalency Test

The Educational Testing Service is pleased to announce that as of January 2014, a more accessible high school equivalency test is available.  The HiSET® examis the first alternative to the GED test since 1942 and includes elements that are critical to providing educational opportunities for those who need a second chance to succeed.  HiSET® prep classes are strongly recommended and the HiSET® pre-tests are required.  Tests are at no cost to Maine residents. The HiSET® exam measures students in the same content areas as the GED test.


Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Adult Basic Education courses are designed for adults who wish to improve basic reading, writing, or math skills.  We have an open Learning Lab where instructors will work with students in small groups or individually.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Individual tutoring is available for persons who do not speak English as their first language and who would like to acquire skills in conversational English and writing.



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